Our mission is to help the most vulnerable individuals and families

Homeless Feeds in Leeds Focus4hope

A focus on providing hope to those that need it

Focus4Hope is a dynamic and community-driven charitable organisation dedicated to empowering and supporting vulnerable individuals and families.

With a holistic approach, we address critical challenges related to food insecurity and the rising cost of living while fostering inclusivity and community support.

Our aim is to provide early intervention and provide support before individuals reach crisis point. We help people reach their potential by supporting them at the earliest possible stage. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to enhance the well-being and resilience of our community. We achieve this through a range of impactful services: 

  • Social Supermarket: We operate a Social Supermarket using the Food Club model, providing affordable, nutritious food to low-income households. 

  • Budgeting Courses: In partnership with Noah’s Ark we offer budgeting courses and debt advice to equip individuals with essential money management skills. 

  • Employment Support: Collaborating with other charities and services within Calderdale we refer to them to help people access work opportunities and improve their financial stability. 

  • SEND Group for Families: We have pioneered a SEND Group for families, offering vital support to those facing the unique challenges of special educational needs and disabilities. 

  • Homeless Feeds: We deliver fortnightly homeless feeds in both Leeds and Halifax city centres supporting those who are without a permanent home to access a warm meal, drink, clothing and support.  

With your support we help to transform the lives of people in our community, ensuring anyone who needs help is supported.

Our Story So Far

Focus4Hope was created initially as a community organisation. Due to the rapid demand and support the group received in 2020 Focus4Hope became a registered charity, to enable us to grow and become trusted in the community of which we serve.

Since the pandemic and more recently the cost-of-living crisis the demand placed on us as a charity, has increased dramatically. Our focus is on crisis intervention and the ability to help more people to reach their potential, by supporting them at the earliest possible stage. 

Meet The Team

Louise, Nicola, Claire and our FocusFamily of volunteers

Meet The Trustees

We simply cannot operate without our fantastic Trustees.

Our Supporters

Helping us to reach and support more people in our community.